Client Representatives

Every Oil and Gas Operator who to any extent is responsible for, has control over, or is engaged in an offshore project, or whose acts or omissions could adversely affect the health and safety of persons engaged in such a project, has a duty of care to ensure the project is carried out safely and efficiently. To ensure the project can be carried out to meet with best industry practice and legislation, within the geographical area of operation, the Operator may require a Client Representative to support the onshore and offshore worksite as instructed by the end Client.

The Client Representative’s shall:

Act as ‘the eyes and ears’ for the Client, with regards to offshore operations, and ensure that work procedures and management of change are followed.

Ensure that health & safety issues are kept foremost.

Monitor competence issues with the team performing work at the site.

Ensure compliance with local and international legislation and guidance.

Monitor the safety & efficiency of operations.

Report on the work done, lessons learned, any useful pointers and recommended improvements for future operations.

Namaka Subsea can provide Client Representatives, competent and trained to the requirements of IOGP RP 431, ensuring a vast knowledge base and experience to carry out their duties both safely and diligently and ensuring the project is carried out to the Clients specific instructions. We insist on a high standard of personnel competence and therefore our Client Representatives have a minimum amount of experience, which includes, but is not limited to, having worked in the oil and gas industry for more than ten years and hold a recognised qualification relevant to their discipline. To ensure that our Client Representatives meet with the required industry competence for each specific project, Namaka Subsea has developed a competence scheme which includes competence assessments, that each Client Representative is assessed against. This will ensure they are in possession of the required skill, knowledge, qualification and experience relevant to the roll required for the project and ensures they hold an industry recognised Client Representative training certificate.