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Namaka Subsea's Asset Management System (NAMS) Achieves Prestigious DNV Type Approval Certification

19 September 2023

Namaka Subsea, a leading provider of consultancy solutions for the subsea industry, is proud to announce that its Asset Management System (NAMS) has successfully achieved Type Approval Certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV), one of the world's foremost authorities in maritime and subsea certification.

DNV type approval emphasizes Namaka Subsea's commitment to safety, quality, and excellence in subsea operations support. This milestone confirms NAMS as a reliable and effective system for managing diving, ROV, and vessel equipment, offering a significant advantage to organizations seeking to optimize their operations and enhance safety in the underwater environment.

NAMS is a comprehensive asset management system that was initially designed for the subsea diving industry. However, over the years the system has been developed in other areas and has now effectively evolved into an all-round vessel management system. A recent major update was given to include the following systems:

IMCA DESIGN To ensure diving systems and equipment are tested as per IMCA guidance, NAMS has built-in modules to provide the user with the specific tasks to meet the requirements of IMCA DESIGN and IMCA D018 as well as providing a function to generate “live” DESIGN documents for each system.

WOD-SOE Hybrid Systems: This module is specifically designed to capture the unique maintenance practices of the Dutch diving industry. By incorporating industry-specific requirements, Namaka Subsea ensures that NAMS is tailored to meet the needs of diving operators in the Netherlands.

ADCI-based System: Addressing the requirements of the US industry, Namaka Subsea has implemented an ADCI-based module, aligning NAMS with the regulatory standards set by the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI). This addition further solidifies NAMS as a comprehensive solution for diving operations worldwide.

R006 ROV Module: NAMS now incorporates a specialized Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) maintenance module. This feature streamlines the management of ROV assets, enabling users to effectively monitor and track the performance and maintenance of their ROV fleet.

Generic Workshop Module: With the inclusion of a generic workshop module, NAMS empowers users to manage their workshop assets efficiently. This new module type ensures seamless operations within workshop environments, from equipment calibration to maintenance tracking.

Work Boat Module: The latest update to NAMS introduces a work boat module catering to the unique requirements of vessel maintenance and management. Users can now effectively monitor and schedule maintenance tasks specific to their workboats, enabling smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

NAMS provides organizations with a centralized platform to monitor and maintain their equipment efficiently. The system's advanced features include real-time DESIGN tracking, maintenance scheduling, compliance management, and robust reporting capabilities, all of which contribute to streamlined operations and improved safety outcomes.

DNV certification signifies that NAMS has met stringent industry standards and compliance requirements, further bolstering its reputation as a trusted solution for asset management in the subsea sector. This achievement reflects Namaka Subsea's ongoing dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology that helps organizations maintain the highest safety standards while optimizing their asset utilization.

Key benefits of NAMS certification:

Enhanced Safety: NAMS assists organizations in maintaining their equipment to the highest safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and downtime.

Operational Efficiency: The system's centralized management capabilities simplify equipment monitoring and maintenance, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Regulatory Compliance: NAMS ensures that diving is always in compliance with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Comprehensive Reporting: NAMS provides organizations with detailed reports and analytics, enabling data-driven decisions for improved performance and resource allocation.

Namaka Subsea is excited about the opportunities that DNV type approval will bring to the subsea industry. By adopting NAMS, organizations can optimize their equipment asset management, increase safety, and minimize operational risks.

"We are thrilled to have NAMS type approved by DNV, a globally recognized authority in maritime and subsea certification," said Sandy Harper, CEO of Namaka Group. "Type approval reaffirms our commitment to innovation and safety within the subsea industry. We believe NAMS will play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of subsea operations worldwide."

With DNV type approval secured, Namaka Subsea is poised to offer NAMS to a broader range of clients, both existing and new, who are seeking to elevate their subsea asset management practices to the highest industry standards. The future of offshore energy management is bright, with NAMS leading the way towards safer, more efficient operations.

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