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South African Professional Diving Centre sign up for NAMS

2 March 2023

The Professional Diving Centre (PDC) has been in business since 1987 and is approved to provide saturation diving in South Africa and have signed up to NAMS to provide assistance with maintenance of the diver training equipment.

Namaka Subsea are delighted to announce that the PDC, our first, professional saturation diving school, have signed up to use Namaka’s asset management system NAMS. PDC is owned by Grant Jameson, who has over 30 years of experience as an Air & Saturation Diver, Air & Mixed Gas Dive Supervisor, Life Support Technician, Closed Bell Supervisor, and Saturation Dive Superintendent. He has trained in the USA, U.K. and France, so he understands the various global legislation and standards required within the industry. The PDC base and school also offer their students an accurate diving site and operating conditions in diver training facilities that you will not find easily worldwide.

The PDC, presently based in South Africa, was registered 35 years ago and has grown from strength to strength since then. Starting out as a commercial dive company, they discovered the lack of properly trained divers while carrying out commercial projects. Seeing this as an opportunity to make a difference, they started running a diving course, and their journey began with running one course per year in between their contracted diving projects. However, due to the demand for such a course, this soon increased to four per year over the next few years, and they soon became the fully accredited diving school at all levels of training as we now see today.

PDC has the facilities for training air and saturation commercial divers for offshore diving using the most up-to-date diving and associated equipment, allowing them to work internationally and locally without limitations. All the training equipment used is maintained to the highest standards, and the introduction of NAMS into this equation shows their continued commitment to achieving this. Being only one of three International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved saturation diving schools again shows their commitment to maintaining high standards, giving them their excellent worldwide reputation.

The PDC will use NAMS to track and maintain its pool of diving-related equipment, such as its two closed diving bells, saturation systems, air surface mixed gas and diving systems. NAMS will allow them to streamline their asset maintenance and indicate their assets' required maintenance periods via the applications dashboard. Being an IMCA-approved Diver training facility, NAMS will also allow them to produce live D023 and 24 DESIGN reports.

Lee Duncan Namaka, Subsea Managing Director, said: It's great to see a professional Diver training facility utilises our asset management system NAMS. I'm looking forward to building a great relationship with the PDC and hope that soon, we will see other training facilities following suit and joining the evolution of diving asset management.

Comments from PDC

Thank You Lee Duncan and the NAMS Team,

You have made our life so much easier with NAMS and the IMCA Design Doc 023, 024 etc as in the past we had all on Excel. Thanks for the excellent NAMS program you developed for the dive industry.

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