Meet The Team



Sandy established Namaka Subsea in 2013 to provide subsea consulting services for oil and gas operators and contractors. He has previously held positions within the oil and gas industry over the past 25 years in management positions such as Associate Director, Subsea Consulting Manager, Diving Technical Consultant and Diving Technical Manager. A number of his 25 years in the oil and gas industry was spent offshore and overseas in technical positions such as, Diving Technical Supervisor, Diving Technician and Drilling Technician. He currently sits on several industry work groups and committees, advising best industry practice and guidance. These include the International Marine Contractors Association [IMCA] where he sits on the technical and safety committees and has been involved with the development of many of the industry guidance documents, such as the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers [IOGP] Report No: RP 468 Diving System Assurance Recommended Practice.


Business Advisor Asia Pacific

Andrew joined Namaka Subsea when the company established its regional office in Singapore during 2017 as Local Director and Business Development Manager. Andrew provides Commercial and Business Development guidance as well as support to the UK director in the management and operation of the regional office. Andrew has worked in the oil and gas industry for over the 25 years during which time he has lived in UK, West Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. During his career, Andrew has held various management level positions including Manufacturing Director for a diving contractor where he oversaw the design, build and installation of portable and vessel fitted saturation diving systems.


ROV Operations Advisor

Joshua studied network engineering and applied electronics in college and has been working in the ROV subsea industry for the past seven years. During this time he has worked on various ROV systems and drawn work experience from both subsea construction and subsea inspection. He also specializes in ROV tooling integration and has worked in various parts of the world. He has held the position of Senior ROV Technical Adviser for an offshore support company based in Trinidad where his role was to not only provide technical support for the offshore crew but to also create preventive maintenance procedures for all ROV related equipment. During that time he also built custom ROVs specifically for in-pipe inspection projects in Trinidad.


Technical Manager

Tom brings a wealth of experience to the Namaka Subsea portfolio from a technical, design and diving operation perspective. Tom started his working career as a Dive Technician where he quickly progressed onto subsea operation engineering roles. He took some time away from the subsea operations to spend time designing and managing research & development of diving, subsea and associated equipment. More recently he returned to subsea operations holding the position of Asset Manager and Technical Authority with a UKCS offshore diving contractor before then joining the team at Namaka Subsea


Subsea Engineer

Ronald obtained a Master’s in Business Administration with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Bio-systems Engineering from the University of the West Indies St Augustine, Trinidad. He is the first local Subsea Engineer in the region and was responsible for the installation, intervention, and operational management of the first subsea system in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In Egypt he helped to develop and implement the BG-EGYPT/RASHPECTCO Joint Venture Well Integrity Management System.


Business Manager

Angela joined Namaka Subsea, as Operations Manager, in 2017 to assist Sandy with the day to day running of the company. She has been in the industry for over 16 years and brings a vast array of knowledge from her previous positions. Angela has previously held positions as Key Account Manager, Lead Consulting Coordinator, Business Support Coordinator and Department Secretary. She loves being involved in the diving industry, knowing that the company is doing their bit to make operations safer for all involved.


Operations Director Asia Pacific

Robbie is our Operations Manager for South East Asia and is based in Namaka Subsea’s Singapore office although he spends most of his time in the countries surrounding Singapore. Robbie has been with the company since Namaka Subsea PTE LTD opened its doors in Asia. With 14 years in the oil and gas industry spent offshore in the North Sea as well as overseas in various technical positions such as, Diving Technical Supervisor, Diving Technical Superintendent and Diving Advisor, Robbie is key to Namaka Subsea’s success in the AsiaPac region.


Marketing Coordinator

Darran has several years’ experience within the oil and gas industry, during which he has held various positions such as Production Cooridinator, 1st Line Helpdesk Supervisor and Multimedia Teamleader. He joined the Namaka Subsea team in 2017, in doing so he brought with him a diverse skill set gathered from these various position he has previously held such as, Sales, ICT and Multimedia Design. Darran now heads up our DiveCERT software support team and assists with the companies marketing materials and oversees our social media pages and website. Since joining the subsea sector Darran has been able to put his skills to good use and help take the company forward with his forward thinking and fresh ideas he brings to the table.


Business Development Manager Europe

Lee is our Business Development Manager for Europe and is based in Namaka Subsea’s Aberdeen offices. With over 13 years’ experience within the Oil & Gas Industry holding positions such as Diving Sales Engineer, Sales & Marketing Manager & Business Development Manager. Lee has been involved in the development of commercial diving equipment, with various diving equipment manufacturers, as well as being one of the original developers of DiveCert. His experience and skill will now help Namaka subsea grow the company’s business within Europe & Africa.

Project Support Personnel

Namaka Subsea is supported by a global team of Project Support Personnel of various disciplines from the oil and gas industry.

The team is made up of personnel with the required competencies, who can support and have supported subsea projects throughout the world.

These individuals have been specifically selected to support Namaka Subsea as well as our clients and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company.

Each of our Project Support Personnel have worked within the oil and gas industry for many years both offshore and onshore as part of the Operations Team as well as in Management positions.