We have developed a range of training courses to assist with career development and the provision of a competent workforce, Namaka Subsea can assist individuals to reach their true potential within the workplace.


Working with the Client we will endeavour to ensure that processes and decisions result in the overall reduction of risk associated with projects, which will include attending and participating in project planning meetings and project HIRA’s, as well as the development of the project risk assessment and diving project plans.


Namaka Subsea has developed a number of solutions of clients based on industry compliance, including Competence Management System, Medical Equipment and an Equipment Management System.


It is our aim to take the knowledge and experience gained by our personnel, over the years, to provide both technical and operational support to our Clients within the subsea industry.

Auditing and assurance play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and integrity of any diving operation, with the emphasis on diver safety. Therefore, it is essential that diving contractors are audited technically and operationally by a competent auditor, periodically or prior to the commencement of a diving project.


Remote Auditing and Assurance


Namaka Subsea has developed a three-day auditing and assurance awareness course. The course is designed to provide awareness of the competence requirements and process of completing diving contractor technical and operational audits.

The course is made up of 12 modules and includes a multi-choice exam which will be completed at the end of the three days. All modules are discussed in-depth and contain essential information required not only to understand how an audit should be carried out but also how to manage an audit through to completion and is aimed at all diving personnel involved with diving operations.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Diving System Auditing and Assurance.
  • Module 2 - The Role of Diving Industry Organisations.
  • Module 3 – What is Diving System Auditing and Assurance?
  • Module 4 – Planning and Preparing for an Audit.
  • Module 5 – Auditor Competence.
  • Module 6 – How to Manage an Audit.
  • Module 7 – Planned Maintenance and Certification.
  • Module 8 – Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis.
  • Module 9 – Classification, who, what, why, how?
  • Module 10 – Safety Management Systems
  • Module 11 – Carrying out the Audit (Practical Session)
  • Module 12 – Closing out the audit.

The introduction of new laws throughout the world regarding corporate manslaughter, which would hold the End Client [operator] accountable as well as the Diving Contractor, has led to diving contractor audits evolving. The past few years have seen a substantial change in diving contractor auditing and assurance within the industry, due to more in-depth audits and a requirement for higher competencies of diving operations auditors.

In an effort to assist the industry to achieve safer working practices and operations, Namaka Subsea plays an active role, by ensuring a position within the relevant workgroups, such as the International Diving Industry Forum (IDIF) and committees such as IMCA Safety, Medical, Technical & Training (SMTT) committee. Involvement in these workgroups has seen the development of auditing processes on behalf of IOGP and IMCA.

Duration: 3 days

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm UK

With regards to restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Namaka Subsea courses are being run online using All online courses are presented live by Namaka Subsea’s subject matter experts.

Diving Operations Auditing & Assurance Awareness
Remote Training


  • Tuesday 19th – Thursday 21st May (Sold Out)

  • Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th June (9 Spaces)

  • Tuesday 30th – Thursday 2nd July (10 Spaces)

Delegates (£1,100.00 each)

Delegates (£1,100.00 each)

Delegates (£1,100.00 each)