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DMAC supply to Central Africa

Africa DMAC kits


Namaka Subsea was contacted by a diving contractor, based in Congo, requesting the supply of five DMAC 15 kits which were to be shipped from the UK to Gabon and the Republic of Congo in Central Africa.


The first issue that we came up against was these DMAC kits required shipping during the global COVID-19 lockdown, and due to the government restrictions with travel and export during this time, shipping these to Gabon proved difficult due to the kits containing controlled medication and limited communication from the UK government's home office.

On top of the international restrictions, the contractor required the kits to be supplied urgently with all the necessary controlled medication, meaning UK exports and Gabon local legislation of controlled medication imports also needed to be considered.


Namaka Subsea contacted the UK home office to enquire about an export licence that would allow us to deliver the required kits under the current restriction placed by the government. After conversations back and forth with one of their advisors, we were granted an export licence to supply the kits to Africa, including the required controlled medications.


This project shows how far the team at Namaka Subsea will go to ensure our client needs are met globally. Our client promptly received the safety-critical DMAC15 kits allowing them to continue diving operations within the region. Despite all the restrictions we faced with the delivery of this project, we were still able to deliver and meet our clients’ requirements.

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