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Remote ROV Audit & Close Out Verification


Namaka Subsea TT was approached by a leading Mexican specialised service provider to assist with the audit and close out verification of their Schilling HD ROV system. The process required the review of all procedures and documentation in line with IMCA R 006 and current best industry practices. The review of the system and associated documentation was carried out remotely as access to the vessel was restricted. The review took into account, but was not limited to, the maintenance, certification and tooling requirements and how these were tracked as well as the personnel qualifications and competence records of all personnel involved. We looked at all their procedures and how these married with the current project specific requirements and advised the client on any improvement recommendations we had along the way. We then had to witness the function checks and wet test of the ROV itself which, once again, had to be done remotely via video link due to the restricted access that was in place due to industry COVID restrictions.


The main issue we faced during this project was the inability to be on-site due to the COVID restrictions that were put in place. Adverse weather conditions also played a role in delaying the ROV wet test as per the original schedule, this had to be postponed by a few days until we got a window of opportunity with suitable weather conditions to proceed with the test and allow us to witness this remotely. Again, due to restricted access and the layout of the ROV system, it made it difficult to view some of the components of the ROV system as outlined in IMCA R 006.


Despite the COVID restrictions that were in place, we were still able to successfully carry out the 3rd party ROV audit remotely by utilising available technologies to aid with this process. Taking advantage of the good internet connection within the area allowed us to remotely view certain parts of the ROV system in high-quality video and liaise with the team onboard the vessel accordingly when required. This connection also played a big part in the auditor being able to witness the prompt closure of any non-conformances that were raised. Even with all of the restrictions we faced during this audit and close out verification, Namaka Subsea TT were still able to carry out the scope of work on behalf of the client without sacrificing industry best practice expectations and were successfully able to deliver the work scope set out in a professional and timely manner.

In Summary

There is no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the “way we work” and the ability to carry out ROV audits across different regions due to personnel logistics etc. This audit gives credence to the agile mindset of our team and embodies the deep commitment and focus we have towards our clients in the region and how we can effectively support them given the current working environment. By reframing the ROV audit approach with client collaboration and by utilising existing technology, we were still able to focus on delivering value where efficiency savings and productivity gains were realised by the client. The positive attitude of the client’s ROV team in facilitating our requests also played a huge part in the success of this audit and how it was carried out, this, along with the acknowledgement and implementation of our audit recommendations and in-service operational improvements, allowed the project to commence with very little disruption.

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