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Namaka Subsea Unveils Exciting Updates to their Asset Management System, NAMS

18 May 2023

Namaka Subsea is proud to announce the latest updates to its cutting-edge asset management system, NAMS. These updates introduce new system types and a range of features designed to enhance the industry's maintenance practices and overall efficiency.

The most significant addition to NAMS is the inclusion of the following new system types:

  1. D023 and D024/WOD-SOE Hybrid Systems: These systems are specifically designed to capture the unique maintenance practices of the Dutch diving industry. By incorporating industry-specific requirements, Namaka Subsea ensures that NAMS is tailored to meet the needs of diving operators in the Netherlands.
  2. ADCI-based System: Addressing the requirements of the US industry, Namaka Subsea has implemented an ADCI-based system, aligning NAMS with the regulatory standards set by the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI). This addition further solidifies NAMS as a comprehensive solution for diving operations worldwide.
  3. R006 ROV System: NAMS now incorporates a specialized Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) maintenance system. This feature streamlines the management of ROV assets, enabling users to effectively monitor and track the performance and maintenance of their ROV fleet.
  4. Generic Workshop System: With the inclusion of a generic workshop system, NAMS empowers users to manage their workshop assets efficiently. This new system type ensures seamless operations within workshop environments, from equipment calibration to maintenance tracking.
  5. Work Boat System: The latest update to NAMS introduces a work boat system catering to the unique requirements of vessel maintenance and management. Users can now effectively monitor and schedule maintenance tasks specific to their workboats, enabling smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

In addition to the new system types, Namaka Subsea has integrated several key features into NAMS, enhancing its functionality and usability. The notable updates include:

  • Export to Excel Feature: Users can now conveniently export asset grids to Excel, facilitating data analysis and reporting.
  • Asset Class Code Field: The introduction of the asset class code field allows for better categorization and classification of assets, enhancing organization and search capabilities within NAMS.
  • Running Hours as a New Task: Including hours as a task provides users with valuable insights into asset performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and better asset lifecycle management.
  • Task Deferral: NAMS now enables users to defer tasks, providing flexibility in managing maintenance schedules and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Auditor Functionality and New Action Tracker Feature: The DESIGN section of NAMS has undergone significant enhancements, improving auditor functionality and introducing a new action tracker feature. These updates streamline auditing processes and facilitate effective action tracking for compliance and quality assurance purposes.

There have also been significant behind-the-scenes improvements to NAMS, optimizing its performance across all web browsers. Users can now experience a seamless and responsive interface, regardless of their preferred browser.

"We are thrilled to introduce these latest updates to NAMS," said Lee Duncan, Managing Director of Namaka Subsea. "With the inclusion of new system types and a range of powerful features, the evolution of NAMS continues as a comprehensive asset management solution, addressing the diverse needs of the industry. We remain committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions to our clients, empowering them to achieve operational excellence."

Namaka Subsea invites existing and new clients to explore the enhanced capabilities of NAMS and leverage the advanced features and system types to optimize their asset management practices.

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