We have developed a range of training courses to assist with career development and the provision of a competent workforce, Namaka Subsea can assist individuals to reach their true potential within the workplace.


Working with the Client we will endeavour to ensure that processes and decisions result in the overall reduction of risk associated with projects, which will include attending and participating in project planning meetings and project HIRA’s, as well as the development of the project risk assessment and diving project plans.


Namaka Subsea has developed a number of solutions of clients based on industry compliance, including Competence Management System, Medical Equipment and an Equipment Management System.


It is our aim to take the knowledge and experience gained by our personnel, over the years, to provide both technical and operational support to our Clients within the subsea industry.

IMCA has introduced an industry recognised professional accreditation for skilled dive system inspectors to help the offshore energy diving industry ensure 'objective auditing' of dive systems by individual inspectors while improving the quality, consistency, professionalism and credibility of a diving system DESIGN inspection.




Namaka Subsea has developed an IMCA-approved Trainee Diving System Inspector course in line with the IMCA Accredited Diving System Inspector (ADSI) Scheme. The course is designed to provide awareness of the competence requirements and process of completing an IMCA Diving Equipment System Inspection Guidance Note (DESIGN) inspection.

The course is made up of 15 modules and includes a multi-choice assessment which will be completed at the end of each module. All modules are discussed in-depth and contain essential information required not only to understand how an inspection should be carried out but also how to manage an inspection through to completion and is aimed at personnel hoping to join the ADSI scheme and become an IMCA-accredited diving system inspector.

  • Module 1 - Introduction to the IMCA Diving System Inspector (ADSI) Scheme
  • Module 2 – What is DESIGN?
  • Module 3 - The Role of Diving Industry Organisations
  • Module 4 - Why DESIGN?
  • Module 5 - Completed DESIGN Examples
  • Module 6 - Initiating an Inspection
  • Module 7 - Inspectors Competence
  • Module 8 - Planning and Preparing for an Inspection
  • Module 9 - How to Manage an Inspection
  • Module 10 - Conducting the Inspection
  • Module 11 - Planned Maintenance
  • Module 12 - Certification
  • Module 13 - Supporting Documentation
  • Module 14 - Automated Control Systems
  • Module 15 - Closing Out the Inspection

The poor quality of DESIGN inspections throughout the world has led to IMCA implementing the ADSI scheme, and a register of IMCA accredited DESIGN inspectors. It is, therefore, necessary for the industry to identify a core group of experienced DESIGN inspection practitioners working in every IMCA region and for them to complete the DSI scheme leading to accreditation as an IMCA DSI and inclusion to the DSI register. These diving system inspectors will have followed the DSI scheme route to certification as an IMCA DSI, and it is they who will be considered by IMCA to have the competence to complete an IMCA DESIGN inspection.

In an effort to assist the industry to achieve safer working practices and operations, Namaka Subsea plays an active role, by ensuring a position within the relevant workgroups, such as the ADSI workgroup and committees such as IMCA Safety, Medical, Technical & Training (SMTT) committee, whereby involvement in these workgroups has seen the development of inspection processes on behalf of IMCA.

Recommended Time Frame: 3 days

All Namaka Subsea courses are being run online using Namaka's Learning Management System, which is accessed using an internet browser with an internet connection. Once payment has been completed, log in details to the course will be provided via email. The recommended time frame for completing the course is 3 days, however, you can access the LMS and complete the course in your own time.

IMCA Approved - Trainee Diving System Inspector Course

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